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Desining genes to have more goodlooking and self-esteem babies ll be possible for adults also, by changing facial "features" afterborn?

Hello TEDs,

There's expectations about futures's treatments for those who borns with serious facial deformations like microphthalmia (small eyes) and Fraiser syndrome (absence of eyes and ears) - for example - or even simple anaesthetic defeats?

Would they have something like "genetic autonomy" by having chance to re-engineer not just yur own minds, but also your bodies/faces to look better?



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    Jun 26 2011: That sounds like the bried Adolf Hitler had for the Arian race...
    • Jun 28 2011: There's a big difference between the freedom for "choosing" your own psysical appearence and "imposing" it as a condition like Hitler wanted.

      The great problem is that apparent choice could be easilly controlled not by Hitler - but by Media. That already happens, anyway...

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