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What is time?

To me there are two different conceptual ways to think about time: micro and macro levels.
As a musician, (percussionist moreover), I study "micro-time" daily. We play "in time," "in tempo," which means beats are going by at a predetermined rate. Within those parameters of time, we use all sorts of subdivisions of time and can get quick creative and advanced with how we mess with this thing called time.
The macro-time is how we feel how long a class has been, or a long day, semester, relationship, phase in our lives and so on.

Is there a relationship between studying time in the musical sense and studying conceptualizing much longer pieces of time? Time gets very exciting in the 4th and 5th dimensions and I would love to hear what philosophers, psychologists, and musicians think about this topic of time itself.



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    Jul 8 2011: I think that time is an experience of possibility. Because the immediate succession of immediate moments is like some "space" to do things. Time is a measure as you point, in music is very clear, without time it would be difficult to manege music composition, and in other hand, you play with time to create!!! That´s great!!
    In daily life, time is the only way we can organize ourselves. And if some one say that time is not a real thing, I can agree that is difficult to see it, but all of us feel it, and in a way, see it in the degradation of things, and in age, etc.

    That way I like to propose that time is an experience of possibility.

    Great question.

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