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Technology can improve life - even dramatically - but to believe that it is the panacea of poverty or hunger is flawed.

Increasingly, people are seeking technological solutions to poverty and hunger. While technology could address issues of information asymmetry, this would be possible only if the poor possess or can easily access technology. The belief that technology - in particular the internet and mobiles - can solve these problems is an oversimplification of the causes of poverty and hunger and can lead to the alleviation efforts being misdirected.


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  • Jul 15 2011: The issue is an equilibrium one. For the western world to flourish, there has to be an equalising opposite effect somewhere else in the world. We are very imbalanced in that we are rich because others are poor.

    One of the comments below are quite right that it is a distribution or greed issue that we humans have culminated over the centuries.

    Now that we are more interconnected and educated, i am hopeful that we will brake down some barriers and aid the rest of the world by rethinking monetary policy.

    Current central banking and monetary policy is at the heart of the issue and this is a rather large issue to solve which is almost impossible to break without some sort of catastrophe.

    There was a paper i read once about humans naturally making society more and more complex until eventually the civilisation fails under its own weight.

    Once this happens again, i am hopeful that if education can be preserved. That new ideas can be born out of it and a newly formed evenly distributed world with lots of efficient localisation takes place. Idealism? Perhaps but i stay optimistic for the human race.

    We all know that goods are cheaper from China right? But come on! When you look at it from a scientific and efficiency perspective. Since when was it actually 'cheaper' on resources pr the planet to cart goods half way around the world when they can be manufactured locally perfectly well?

    Monetary policy distorts reality and masks what is truly important in this world. It actually detaches us from our natural human instinct and causes us to make decisions based on it.

    I look forward to the day that the central banking system collapses and doing the math it should be any time in the next decade. I just hope that we replace it with something better to help spread human equality around the globe once and for all. We have the technology, just the wrong policies which spawn the wrong attitude.

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