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Technology can improve life - even dramatically - but to believe that it is the panacea of poverty or hunger is flawed.

Increasingly, people are seeking technological solutions to poverty and hunger. While technology could address issues of information asymmetry, this would be possible only if the poor possess or can easily access technology. The belief that technology - in particular the internet and mobiles - can solve these problems is an oversimplification of the causes of poverty and hunger and can lead to the alleviation efforts being misdirected.


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  • Jul 5 2011: Technology, specifically the internet, could be used as a backstage tool for coordinating operations against this problem, I agree with the fact that technology itself wont defeat poverty leave alone hunger, but used correctly and not as the only way to attack said issues, would be the best way to append this form of globalized information against the said reality that is affecting millions of lives worldwide.

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