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War vs Peace

Our World is on the edge of a 3rd World War. USA and other European countries are starting to intervene in many countries militarily for different reasons. China and Russia have warned USA and the European coalition that they are acting against them, China warned USA that by invading Pakistan, USA is declaring open war against China because Pakistan is a protectorate State for China, similar to Israel - USA.

USA have sent drones in Syria and Russia considers this as a provocation from the USA.

If this 3rd World War is happening, i am afraid this might be the End.

So how much is War worth if it ends up irradiating everyone ?
How can we "the pacifists" prevent this from happening ?

What can we do ? What should we do ?

I am afraid this War is played only for private interests from corporations, and this is sad. There are currently a Peaceful Revolution in some country in Europe, a pacific Revolution where the people tries to bring justice while no medias are reporting the events except for a few self-improvised underground internet media teams.

So it is quite clear that even massive marches against those wars will not be broadcast in the media.

So what do you think we should do, go to War and die from radiation or if we're lucky we'd be burned right away from the explosion without suffering ?

Or protest peacefully against these militaristic actions that will lead to a 3rd World War and get our butt kicked by the corrupted police that also defends the private corporations interest, just like in Europe ?

What is your opinion ?

Do you choose War ?

Do you choose Peace ?

Why and How do we prevent all this ?
What do we do ?

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      Jun 26 2011: So what is your solution to break this economy ?

      edit:Ok if he deleted his comment i guess he didn't have any idea how to break the economy.
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    Jul 1 2011: What you said sounds like a conspiracy, but if I will be to choose between war or peace I would choose WAR, it has it's beauty in destroying.
  • Jun 26 2011: Our fast moving world have never ever woke up in the morning without war happening somewhere. War is our engine. If it works, we will survive. We need to understand that war is elementary thing. It is how it is. Without war, we will have no perfection and progress. War causes progress and we cause war.
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      Jun 26 2011: But War has now the potential to eliminate everything in a second. And if anything remains, anything alive, it would die rapidly due to irradiation. This is not what i wish, i wish the world to let go war, to let go money, to let go the greed behind money.

      This might be a difficult task to accomplish and may be considered impossible to the weak minds but it's not impossible, it is very feasible. And i will keep saying it is possible to peacefully break the economical corrupted war-driven system.

      The majority of people are not yet ready to support this unifying goal. But when the time is right they will. One nation after the other will join in until all the world have joined. Not one war economy will stand a chance against the peaceful nations and the real justice of true balance.
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      Jun 26 2011: I don't speak Spanish so i can't understand what she says in the video.

      But what is your solution to STOP the banking system without making the people believe it is an attack to their rights of liberty, the right to invest, to make profit ?

      By stopping the banking system, the masses will obviously be offended by believing that capitalism is attacked by a fascism dictator, which would obviously lead to a justifiable mean to remove this dictatorship from power, supported by the massive mindless.

      I have thought of a way to bring a new central banking system, where profit is equal to the goodness of the actions of a corporation. In this kind of system, production of weapons would instantly be bankrupted, their owners would have to face justice and would obviously lose all.

      Corporations which increase the quality of life at the least profitable ways (volunteering) would be given infinite funds, as long as their results reflect their objectives. Real humanitarian causes would be given funds, and multinationals BIG BUCKS corporations would pay taxes equivalent to their level of greed, it means no profits allowed as long as personal profit is the objective, only loving humanitarian projects would be allowed profit.

      That could work, but at first it would face a solid opposition from everywhere, but the society needs to stop the economical expansionary growth to reach a stability state. The whole banking system of today is simply obsolete for this goal.
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          Jun 26 2011: Raising awareness of the way the banking system work won't solve the problem by itself. What can be done to break this system ? Education alone doesn't fix problems, it awakes those who wish to wake up. But the banking system has to go, how do we get rid of it ?

          If my ideas are not appropriate to replace the current system what would work ?
  • Eva M

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    Jun 26 2011: (to continue my previous post:)

    We need:
    1. EGO-TRANSCENDENCE. Since ego is screwing us up, destroying friendships, marriages, fellowships, communities, countries, and create wars, we need to get rid of it. Without transcending fear, pride, laziness, greed, conflict thoughts and behaviors – a better world is only a dream.
    2. COMMUNITY. We need to unite in our efforts. We actually need one another a lot. For many reasons. “Many hands make light the work” and also, soon they may be no other way to SURVIVE if we don’t take care of one another and join our forces.
    3. SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE. It takes years of training to be effective in dealing with ones own ego and growing in love. One cannot “do it on ones own” – this popular today mentality is anti-helpful. We are not separate. Spiritual eldership is needed. Surrendering to qualified elders brings great results.
    4. LOVE. We need love most of all. We need to have the willingness to love and commitment to the teachers of love. Love needs to be given, received and shared. Love with the whole heart, indeed.

    These thing will manifest the protest against war, as standing up strongly for the peace. Maybe not in as immediately obvious ways as going out on the streets, but as a constructive effort to build better world it will do the job, don’t you think?
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      • Eva M

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        Jun 27 2011: Qualified elders are those who have significant experience in loving and ego-transcendence. They are those whose lives were transformed by love and service, and who are willing to commit to a deep and personal relationship with their students. They will hold your hand and walk you through the woods. They are there to love you, personally, to encourage your spirit and discourage your ego.

        This is not the kind of help you can get from most psychological helpers or spiritual teachers. As you know, it is very rare for psychological helpers to be competent themselves, personally, in loving or in ego transcendence. And most spiritual teachers carry on a very impersonal relationship with their students -- if they even know them. Often these days, a person will consider someone a teacher if they've read their book or heard them speak! What it takes to really help a human being transform his or her life is huge personal commitment on the part of a person who has walked that road themselves and is not the blind leading the blind. They are rare treasures, surely, but when one really wants them, one finds them. I have been fortunate in that way, and it has been an immense help to me.
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      Jun 26 2011: What would be the reactions of the mindless masses when we'd try to change their behavior ?
      Aren't they going to support the old ways of war and economy at the costs of lives just because it's been that way since a long time ?

      How do we spread Love when Love is considered weak to the masses ?
      How could we develop a way to spread Love with the support of the masses ?
      Without them saying that it is fascist or dictatorship to prevent wars when wars are economically needed ?

      You know people are dumb, they've always been. They live through Fear, sometimes it's not their fault.
      • Eva M

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        Jun 27 2011: Come on, Maxime. You know that you cannot change people against their will. If you want to have positive influence, you need to respect and love people. Then you have chances tol win their hearts. People are more receptive when they are being respected, then if you try to force them into anything. Criticism is needed, but in order to be constructive it must come together with embracing others, not alienating them.
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          Jun 27 2011: Yea i know i can't change their will, but their will is manipulated already against them. They just go with the new trend every time. Now today they think violence is cool that it's cool to kill a citizen of another country, yea no one gives a F%#K about others nowadays.

          But that's not right, these young soldiers committing suicide in foreign countries, when they left their home they thought they were going to have a whole bunch of fun. But sadly they hit reality, they shoot someone and see his family crying over the body and they go back to their base and they are rewarded and cheered to because they did their first kill. When these guys are playing Counter-Strike and they get a score of 32 / 0 they gets a whole lot of fun, but when they shoot somebody for real and see the people crying over the corpse babbling words they never learned, they still understands the meaning of these words and from that moment they are haunted by these images all their lives. But hey, no biggies they get paid for that, yeah!! money!!! big money!!!

          Thing is those who own the company that produce weapons they never get to shoot anybody, they never get to face guilt but still are criminals, morally they feed a killing machine, they never did anything illegal no, but they are criminals and they must face justice, not some tricked justice their grand fathers wrote for them but a real impartial justice where they will lose everything because their organization is guilty of crimes everyday.

          But for now, they aren't criminals they are simply business men, bureaucrats, investors wanting to make money, nothing more than that, like i said they never got to use their weapon to kill somebody, so they don't have anything to be guilty of, right ?

          I see things differently i see things for what they are, some things are nice some things are not.

          The rules need to be changed, to protect everyone from anybody else. Peacefully.

          Even if it forces the bad guys to be good against their sick will.
      • Eva M

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        Jul 3 2011: It is heartbreaking what happens in the world, that is true. You are right to rage against it. No sane person would be okay with it. You are right that we need changes. The trends are terrible.

        I understand your desire to protect people form one another. And at the same time I agree with Richard - if people stopped fearing one another, that would solve everything. This is why I will always speak for love as the ultimate solution.

        I can see how people grow up in the sphere of influences that are destructive. This is a fact. But there are still those who represent different influences. Love and care is unpopular today, but it still is an option. Everyone can chose what kind of influences they want.

        Feeling downstream from the culture, family and personal traumas is dis-empowering. In reality one can change ones own life at any moment. Sometimes traumatic experiences help people chose for the goodness. It depends on how we relate to them. I know people who survived terrible things, found within themselves the strength to change, and became strong and loving human beings. It is possible for anyone, regardless of the circumstances.

        Does it helps you feel a little more hope for the people? I found out that having faith in people's inherent goodness, helps them change. What you think and believe in has impact on others, that's for sure.
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          Jul 6 2011: The people will stop fearing one another when they will love one another. To love another people they need a good reason but to fear another people they don't need any. When nothin is given, there isn't much love but not everyone has anything to give.

          The mainstream medias, TV, movies, music, everywhere there is a message that say that violence is cool in a way or in another way, that message keeps saying the same thing, it gets imprinted into peoples mind. They don't choose what influence them, they learn what are they taught, that violence is lovely.

          And that is evilly treacherous. People are developing a dependance to violence and at the same time, without them being conscious of it, a dependance to fear, eventually they forget love or care, all they think about is protection and security, they get to love their fearful existence.

          All this needs to stop. The people needs to agree that we need to change, if everyone does not agree onto this, those who don't agree will be very desperate and ready to do the worst to keep what they want to keep, whatever it might be.

          The task is not easy, it's the hardest thing to do.
          But to stand on the side of Love ones must remain totally inoffensive, and when we grow up in a world surrounded by Fear, to be inoffensive might be consider suicidal. If those nations who do not agree to unify decide to keep their armies and invade any part of the globe, they will obviously succeed, and the circle of Fear will go on again.

          The only way that War can be stop peacefully is when all the nations on Earth Unite diplomatically and decide to help each others, without any room for armed conflicts, neither any room for greed or profit.

          This world needs to grow up because it's like a child that plays with fire at nights under the cloths of his bed. It can end only a few ways, either he's stopped before anything stupid happens or he burns his cloths, his bed, himself, dies or get burned for the rest of his life and in constant suffering.
  • Eva M

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    Jun 26 2011: I fully sympathise with your concern, Maxime. We live in a CRAZY world full of hostility and wars – not only the big wars, and possibly coming along the 3. World War, but also little wars that make people’s lives into hell. There is so much uncare, so much violence, so much harm, so much greed, jealousy, and laziness. We see SO many problems. Plus, we are reaching the painful understanding that there is not enough WILL and CARE to implement even on the solution we know about!!! People and whole countries are unwilling to give up on self-benefit and ones own convenience. We are reaching the point where we are realizing that the root of the problem is human selfishness. But, this is a great realization that gives us a chance to move beyond the problem and get to the solution – the transcendence of ego, love and togetherness.

    It may be too late to prevent the catastrophe on the massive scale. But it definitely would make a lot of difference to change ones own life and do us much as possible to create peaceful, united and loving environment, and speak with others about the need for it. The more of us do it, the better chances we have as a human race. The more people are unified in this goal, the more impact we have.
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      Jun 26 2011: How do we bring more WILL and CARE ?
      How do we change this CRAZY world ?
      • Eva M

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        Jun 27 2011: That’s a good question. And great passion behind it.

        Well, we need to be the change we want to see. If you can make a day for one person and make that person feel loved and cared for – you would make the world be sane for that person, that day. That would be a good start of a better world. How do you like that?
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          Jun 27 2011: It's a good start, but it's not profitable in any way so it is considered useless. That's what the rules of capitalism say, giving times and effort to help others is worthless.

          So i have to change the rules so that it's profitable to help others, and the more help given the more profitable it is.
      • Eva M

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        Jul 3 2011: Well, you don't need to change the rules, because loving and helping others actually IS profitable to all, if you think about it.

        A lot of people believe otherwise, because they want to keep their selfish lifestyle . If there is something to change, it is the popular beliefs that support selfishness, not the rules.