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What is the one thing that you wish you could do but are too afraid?

Every day we make choices - both to do and not to do. Why? What drives our decisions not to do something? Try something? Is it fear of failure? Fear of success? Or just plain fear?


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    Jun 27 2011: To be able to be confident in myself and my abilities and not be insecure all the time
    • Jul 3 2011: In my own experience, a great self-confidence is hard to achieve, but as anything in live exist a method. I know it and I will tell you, It's simple and true. Confidence becomes from repeating success. As simple as that.

      You need to prove that abilities doing. Anytime you prove your abilities you improve your skills and you feel more self-confident. You up one step. Face a newer challenge, now your skill is improved so you solve it better, prove your abilities and you get more confidence.

      Successful Resolution = Skill Improvement = Confidence Increasing.

      Not very cool ... but that's how confidence works.

      I wish I help you

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