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With the internet leveling the information advantage gap, will universities play such a pivotal role in higher education in the future?

As a student at Northeastern University, I often find myself moving along in the shuffle of today's society. When I look back at the day's work I realize I often learn more through the internet (especially through TED) then I do with typical higher education and the bureaucracy that goes with it. The question I am asking, can you see the internet and the new online education platforms changing the way we learn as a collective? In the future, how will we learn best?

I have many thoughts but these thoughts don't do much without proper feedback...

How can you see higher education changing with the future?


-Dan Fonseca



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    Feb 18 2011: Looking forward to some great stuff! TED community don't fail me now!
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        Feb 18 2011: Hey Max,

        I really like that response! As we both mentioned, experience seems to be at the heart of true education. Most people understand that theory is one thing while practice is another, essentially the divide between "book" smart and "street" smart. With the internet filling in that "book" smart role incredibly well, education has to be taken to the streets, literally. The question is, how?

        As an American,I look to my European counterparts and their common "gap year" with envy. This may sound a little critical but if American society didn't coerce us to immediately starting college, I think we could learn a lot from a little time of to grow. Like I hinted at before, maybe use that time to travel? Write a book? Start a business? How about simply working and earning some cash?

        I just feel that society pushes us around so that we can walk out of an institution with a fancy piece of paper that says we payed an enormous amount of money in order to get a "so-so" education. Can't we be more efficient? More innovative? More creative? I think yes. I just want to know how can we do it? What are the models out there? We can certainly do better.



        p.s. I can't delete all those comments, maybe you can? If not hopefully TED will!

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