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What is your definition of personal success?

There is tremenduous need in today's world to "be successful." But what does that really mean? And who is really successful? How does failure affect our sucess? And how a failure can be a milestone in your personal life?


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  • Jun 26 2011: Success has different meanings for different people of different culture at different points of time.
    To find a common denominator & define is an arduous task. Different people equate success differently.Some equate it with enhanced wealth, some with enhanced power/influence, some in accomplishing of goals,etc....the list can go on ,but to generalize it is accomplishment of the desire taking you to a higher level. It keeps on evolving/changing as your desires change and with changed priorities your definitions change.Look back and you will realize what success for you as a five year old was may not be of any relevance today...so we all are successful if we are happy and at peace with self.
    It is said Failure is the stepping stone to success, and it right. It teaches us not what to do if we want to succeed.its a learning and at times,puts us back to the starting point but then it gives the opportunity to reflect and move ahead. We should not give too much importance to failure. It is only an event which leaves a bad taste,but we have the ability to respond the way we want to keep on thinking about the bad taste or move ahead and work for the future.
    One cannot do anything to what has happened but can work for the future.
    Having stated all I want to say that very few think success is conquering one self.....ability to be thoughtless and be a peace with one self away from the whirlpool of emotions, and being happy.
    So let us enjoy and be happy !!!! Happiness brings success rather than success happiness.

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