Ralph Talmont

Creative strategist / producer / innovation consultant, TEDxWarsaw


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Pencils, not posies! Brides, grooms - please ask for school materials instead of flowers. Then take those to a needy school near you.

In many places around the World, it is the custom to give flowers at a wedding. That's nice but essentially useless and needlessly expensive.

Well, my wife and I asked our guests to bring copy books, pens, backpacks and other school stuff instead and I was heartened to see a veritable mountain of these things at the end of the day - the guests had listened!

These items were given to a school with so little money that teachers staple used photocopy paper together to make up exercise books. This is in 21st century Europe! We'd like to make this idea a trend so couples do not end up with mountains of useless flowers that go to the dump immediately, but rather contribute in a simple and direct way to a kid's education in their community.

There are too many children out there needing the most basic of things and they do not all live in exotic places you're never likely to visit. They live within 100 km of your home.