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Who is a hero?

We are raised with the notion that we should all have role models. We all know people we aspire to be. I want to know what classifies a hero and what traits do they exemplify that you deem "hero worthy".

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    Jun 24 2011: Someone who quietly gets on with the dull duties required by daily life - family, responsibility, work and honour..
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      Jun 26 2011: Veramente signore, senza fretta e senza chiacchera, in silenzio, fa il suo impegno per i suoi.
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    Jul 2 2011: One of my heroes is Tupac Shakur

    Despite growing up in the roughest parts of Harlem and Marin City he was able to speak out against the violence and injustice practices he witnessed against and within the black community. He's often portrayed as a rough character that always smokes weed and drinks, and while that part of him is real, he also displays many characteristics of a self-actualized person and philanthropist when the media isn't looking.

    He strongly advocated: The continuous search for knowledge of oneself and the world, Respect (especially to women), and ALWAYS stand up for what you believe in.

    He even went as far as entrusting one of his friends with a bunch of albums with instructions to release specific albums that reflect his own death. Now that's deep.

    It's unfortunate how many of his fans misinterpret his music and are driven to act violently.
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    Jul 1 2011: A hero is someone who can change me and can change the world . Who's that ?
  • Jul 1 2011: Mostly people who select their role models or heroes are simple to say leaders.Every one in this world think or have a dream of becoming hero or as a role model to others.The only difference between heroes and other people is "Heroes make the move upon what they think but people just used to think".
    The doubt that immediately raises is " If one has put forth his ideas in daily motion but did not become hero, then what will be the cause".There are 2 reasons one is correct implementation of ideas that is implementing the idea in the correct place at the right time.The another reason is distracting from the main goal of his idea.For example -If a person wants to do business on preparing the finest petroleum in the world and requesting a bank for providing him loan for his respective idea and if the bank provides the amount less than the necessary amount and if he compromise with the idea that instead of producing finest petroleum in the world, i will start the business in extraction of crude oil.Here the idea is one but he compromised with it and implemented only its beginning.
    If one does not compromise with his idea until he gets succeeded with it then he will be the real hero.
  • Jun 24 2011: @C,M,&S: You all hit the nail on the head.
    While I was a Red Cross volunteer, I saw "many" folks step up to the to offer what they could and this thought went through my mind:
    A hero is: One who goes out & gets their hands dirty to help, or one who digs deep in their pockets to help, or those who bend a knee to pray for help. All are heros! Some do all 3 while others can only do one-no matter, we need them all.
  • Jun 24 2011: You are a hero, I am, and many other people around us that act and behave at their best potential. My hero is the best of myself. I try not to be someone else or like someone else but to be the best of myself. Every time I do something good, or better, every time I improve or develop something, I am happy I evolved one step to being a better person. Watch this video you might find some answers:
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    Jun 24 2011: I think the answer is someone who makes life better for another person or people who can't make it better for themselves, due to their circumstances.
    "Heroes" aren't always those who stop a mugging or save kittens from a burning building; they are neighbours who tend gardens while the owner is in hospital, just because they know the owner would like that...