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How do we fulfill Dave Eggers TED Prize wish and add 720 projects to onceuponaschool.org by the end of 2011?

I have been helping to fulfill Dave's wish since he announced it in 2008, teaching workshops at 826CHI and sitting on its Board.
I want to see his wish of 1000 projects within local public schools realized.
I would love to hear how members of the TED community think we can help revive the wish and see it to the finish line and beyond.

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    Feb 16 2011: That's a great question Katy. We have found the key to getting people involved is helping them find an opportunity they are excited about in their area. To that end, using the VolunteerMatch on the site can help bridge the gap between wanting to do something and doing something. I also think, for people without children but interested in getting active in their local school, it is good to talk to friends who are parents. Schools might be nervous about having a stranger begin working in a school but if a parent introduces you, then your ideas and offer to volunteer will probably be taken more seriously.