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We need to stop giving money to those who are simply lazy, and need to get a job!

This question, or statement really is one I hope to have debated from both sides of the tracks... Who agrees? and Who disagrees? Take a stance and state your rationale that backs up your stance.

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  • Jul 3 2011: These citizens you speak of, are they corporations? They happen to get way more in bailouts and tax breaks than is put into social welfare. If you don't attack corporate welfare first, then you don't even belong complaining about social welfare. What about automation that has put people out of work? With technological advances you get people who did work hard being displaced because of technology. Is that their fault? Do you know what drives labor prices down? It's the fact that is always a high enough unemployment rate so that corporations can have a large labor pool to pick from, which keeps wages down and profit up. Even if everyone wanted to be employed there would be no way to have 100% employment.

    This post is a great example of what capitalist media has done to our society, let's blame the poor because they're clearly just lazy!

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