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The "Glass Ceiling" Will Reverse with Women on Top and Men on the Bottom.

In many ways, thankfully, Women are not only moving to Change the Effects of the Glass ceiling; I think they have already re-defined it; and at some point will smash it and. . . ultimately Men will experience a new Glass Ceiling of their own to contend with.

My rationale is that I think women are much more empowered now to reach their potential and have the drive and are working very hard to dispell the notion men were better or worth more compensation in the workplace, etc. I hope that curve continues. Women around the world are changing economies, etc. by becoming more succesful and taking on roles of leadership, being entrapenural, etc.

I think a primary reason or factor in the Flip of the Glass Ceiling will be that women are much more relational and better communicators in general as in comparrison to the male need to remain in a patriarchal mindset were being relational and communicating were (and I believe still are) not valued by men. The man makes decisions, expects to have them acted out, etc. I think men as a whole will not move towards the more succesful leadership style of women due to historical cultural roles and exprectations were a man 'not appear weak" etc.. For a man to stop and talk, etc. is (in my opinion) viewed as weakness by other men who view this as an opportunity to act and move up the ladder.. (my last one ->), etc.


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    Jun 24 2011: Women had their revolution decades ago and had to face much discrimination and disapproval by their opponents and own kind just like you had described it in the last paragraph of your description. I think men are just in the infancy of going through their own revolution as well.
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      Jun 25 2011: Nhan,

      I agree. And am glad. But revolutions aren't easy. And can lead, as the feminist movement occasionally has to quite unintended consequences. Not to say equity for human potentials for any sex isn't a critical cause. It is. Only that any effort that requires quantifying a problem, risks putting people into polarizing camps. My hope is this one won't.


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