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Is trying to make money online the same sort of thing as when every adventurer would travel to the west in the gold rush days or is it real?

Dialogue about the nature of monetary gain through the internet as related and juxtaposed to the early days of the gold rush. Is it something that is transitory or do people think it will be all encompassing and really the only way to make a living in the future? And is the main business model advertising based?

  • Jun 23 2011: There are multiple models but I would say the main revenue generation model is advertising based. (ex. Pay per click) The next popular form would probably be subscription based, such as a subscription to an online magazine or MMORPGs. Then there are transaction services or just good ol' fashioned eCommerce.

    The reason why the internet is perceived in such a profitable light as a gold rush is because the start up costs are miniscule compared to a traditional "brick and mortar" stores.
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    Jun 23 2011: Hey Tod.. I have a few thoughts???

    1) It seems to be a great way of growing a business.
    2) Immediate riches seem to be few and further in-between.
    3) A news report from my local paper related some one in Lithuania attached a virus to an add that made people pay to get it out. I have seen it.. It scans your pc.. acts like armageddon will happen if you don't buy their software, gives you a million pop-ups to remind you of this and then, of course will be happy to take your credit card to rid you of the problem.

    ps.. Born. raised in SD.. Moved out of State 10 years ago to find better employment opportunities... MISS that ocean.