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Is being Rich Good?

I'm wondering how the Ted community feels about being rich and how they feel about rich people.

talk about ethics, morality, pro's and cons or whatever you'd like concerning Riches.

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    Jun 24 2011: Thought a bit and found everyone is RICH.............following way
    Someone RICH with money
    Someone RICH with time
    Someone RICH with empathy & compassion
    Someone RICH with morality / ethics
    Someone is RICH with having ability to be happy with silly reason
    so on list can go on

    Nothing wrong to be RICH if it doesn't hurt others.
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    Jun 25 2011: Jordan, being rich is good as long it is equally matched by good will. Will to make our world just.
  • Jun 23 2011: For me riches are not the series of numbers associated with my back account, or the salary I earn. Riches are the people I am surrounded by and the experiences that we share. I would rather be penniless and be surrounded by vibrant culture than fixating on the newest tech gadget or vehicle.

    Wealth is relative, some may place no value on a strong community, a sense of purpose or even the ability to freely express ourselves, for me however I feel a person with al of this is very rich indeed.
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      Jun 23 2011: If you want to feel wealthy count all the things in life money can't buy.
      • Jun 23 2011: "If you want to feel wealthy count all the things in life money can't buy."

        After that short list, count all the things that can be bought with money. That list will never end.
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      Jun 23 2011: So, Nate, what I'm hearing is that the only Richness that matters is the richness of life, passion, expression and community.

      I like your attitude. the question then becomes, How are those things achieved?
      • Jun 23 2011: What a great question!

        For me, It's highly based on experiences, learning about cultures far from my own, seeing the world in my own backyard (so often, it's right there yet I am so unfamiliar with it).

        Two things come to mind:

        When I was 16 I wanted to cycle around Europe solo. I had the money and amazingly parents that were ok with the idea (which, still boggles my mind). One day I was speaking to the only homeless man from my small town, outside the grocery store I worked at. He was an elderly man that I knew had lived a hard life but he had been all over the world as a sailor in WW2 and laborer there after, he absolutely fascinated me.

        In years that we had been friends he had never given me any advice so when I told him about my planned tripped that was still in it's infancy (more an idea that I whispered than open talked about) he looked me square in the eyes, in way that was filled with a life's worth of wisdom and said "Before you go out and see the world, find out what is in your backyard first. You'll never appreciate what you see until you know where you come from". I changed my plans, I cycled Canada instead and never regretted it.

        Today the way I achieve richness on a more daily basis is through creation, through art, photography, making videos, documentaries (again a plan in the whispering stage) through carving, writing, reading, sharing ideas and engaging people in ways that are new to them or conversely new to me.

        I believe there is no wrong way to attain richness, I feel as if it is as personalized as we as individuals are.
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      Jun 23 2011: Nicely put, Nate.

      Perhaps the confusion (in the Western world) between "wealth in goods" and "wealth in people", is a morally dubious confusion of the first order.

      Also: there's some science which shows that once you have 5000$ a year, adding money doesn't make you happier. This seems to be the universal line. But then, I don't know if there's a correlation between happiness and moral behavior.

      In short, the question "is being rich good", is a highly bizarre question.
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    Jun 23 2011: I don't see any relationship between morality and the amount of money one owns (if "rich" is used in that sense).

    It's like asking what the relationship is between the speed of an Apache helicopter and the boiling point of vanilla pudding.
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      Jun 24 2011: good doesn't have to equate to morality.

      good could mean comfortable or anything else you feel is "good."
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    Jun 23 2011: Rich people are very much like poor people, they only have the decimal point moved a bit. Both rich and poor people can live a fulfilling life, both rich and poor people can get stuck in vices.
    I'm money-blind, I don't judge a person on the amount they make. But instead on the type of person they are.
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    Jul 5 2011: "Its better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle"...Money can't buy everything, but it may help in fighting those very low points in life, which eventually everybody encounters at some point or other.
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    Jun 24 2011: I am assuming this question is about being financially rich.I like money of course.But,I don't love them.

    Being rich can be good if you really know how to control yourself with the riches you have.Always be humble,don't ever be too proud.With a lot of money, you'll be able to help the ones who don't have them easily.Have a nice day!
  • Jun 23 2011: I'd rather be wealthy than rich. Rich is temporary, wealthy is forever.

    Monetary wealth or riches are like tools... neither good nor evil. Look up Andrew Carnegie.
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    Jun 23 2011: "Behind every great fortune there is a great crime"

    If that's not the case , why being RICH should be bad, rather it can enable one to help others who are less fortunate, which is good.