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Jason Fried's TEDTalk: "Where do you really go when you really need to get something done?"

Here's the talk's main question again; try to think of an answer quickly:

"Where do you really want to go when you really need to get something done?"

Done? OK. what kind of "something" did you think of? Was it job related or personal?

When I heard the question, I thought of needing to get something *personal* done. Therefore the answer naturally won't be "at the office".

When I need to get something done that's job-related, I do it at the job place anyway. If the question were phrased as,

"When you really need to get something done that pertains to your job, where do you go?",

I think the answers would have been quite different ("Duh... to the office?").

Did anyone else think that the question was flawed, in that it prompted people to think about getting personal (as opposed to job-related) things done?

  • Apr 23 2011: Jason, you certainly make some insightful points but I'm not convinced everyone at the office is as distractible as you seem to assume they are. Let me hasten to add that whenever I've been in the corporate world I have always been a subordinate, not a manager. It's true that we all do get interruptions throughout the day but some of us are still able to focus pretty well over 8-12 hours, depending on the length of a particular day. One thing that makes a huge difference in my level of flexibility and focus is that I regularly practice meditation. Just a bit of food for thought.