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What does it mean to include a transwoman in a work place ? What if she doesn't 'act like a woman' ? Most T-men pass... T-Woman too ?

There are some work fields that trans-people have been included. The arts , computer science, surgeons, politics, and academics . I think this needs to be look at in a critical view. I am grateful for the work that has been done but it seems that when a trans-women would like to be a nanny , high school teacher , bus driver, architect, civil/mechanical engineer it is just too much.

Why is there a limits to where and how a trans-woman , can work ?

The HRC has helped with this , but only if the trans-person has a 'traditional' and a passing presentation.

There's been many studies that show when a person can be there-selves they are more productive. Why does it seem that when another type of woman is included it's only under certain parameters and spaces ?