Abhishek Baikadi

Teaching assistant, IIT Madras

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A physical TEDTalk Library.

As on today, TED talks are just limited to one who has facility to browse internet.
Recently when i just checked out the TEDx talk Google map, found that major part of Asia and Africa , are not exposed to TED.

Well reason can be many, but the major is, they don't have free access to internet.

So my idea is to come up with TED library, which provide books, CD's related to TED talk, may be free , or on nominal maintenance charge.

After all our aim is to spread ideas.

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    Feb 22 2011: I totally agree with you. Even right here in the US, TED talks are limited to those who know about them. And let me tell you that there is a great majority of people that are not into the technology/internet lectures and that would greatly benefit from the ideas that this conference presents. So there are alternatives to video. Print is not dead and there are ways to spread ideas not only to the great masses, but to the minorities as well.