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Get rid of currency

HaHa sounds crazy right? Well its not. What is currency but our adherence to it?

I would say a decent amount of people wouldn't mind "working" for brotherhood and advancement rather than "money" and materialism.

Of course an idea as opposed to "the way things are" as this one is, cannot simply just sprout up, but needs to be cultivated. But I think it is do-able, and greatly needed. IMHO of course.


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  • Jun 24 2011: I have read the arguments and counter arguments below. It appears to me, you are simply replacing one currency with other.
    Currency by definition allows you to attribute a value to effort or commodity. You can replace dollars by vouchers, it will still be "money".
    If you trace our history, you will realize that we moved from bartering "stuff" to "money" as it was the more logical method.

    Money in any form is not the root of evil, the evil lies in how people use it. A laser can be used to perform surgery or to kill. It does not make the laser evil.
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      Jun 24 2011: I would say it is much more then simply "replacing one currency with another". It is in fact replacing one world with another.

      Of course money itself is not "evil" or the root of it, it is a inanimate object how could it be evil?

      All the responses I have gotten have taken the "idea" on the purely face value level of: Then what could i use to buy stuff???

      The point, or at least why i think it would be a valid and wise decision for a people to make to rid the society of "money" is not to simply kill of money, but rather to kill off mentalities that are dominate in modern money driven societies.

      As it is today In America, people live for money, they chase it their whole lives, working to spend, spending to debt,

      If people are content living in societies where their one existence is spent chasing money, paying bills, and buying alot of "stuff"... Then so be it, forced to go down with the ship I guess... But if not, if people say hey i would like to live in a different society with different goals and meaning to life... Then the best way to start the path towards that is destroying the destructive elements. Materialism, so on and so forth etc.. And all the "encouragements" to screw over your fellow man that come along with modern mentalities.

      Like i said to the guy about the chair: Money was not a needed factor into making the chair: The man was, the wood was, and the know-how was...Money is just something we added long ago; and its evolution can be seen around the world; lo and behold its evolved into a god-damned ugly hydra, that is long past the time of the needed sword blow to the neck.

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