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How should we preserve global relevant resources?

That we need to take of our environment is no big news. The planet is changing, and we are going to suffer the consequences. Although this is a rather homogeneous view, the valuation of different problems and global commons is rather heterogeneous. And this is where i want to point this discussion to. Whether is the internationalization of global commons a pure, erga omnes, humanistic view or simply a rhetoric mechanism in defense of interests.

To shed some light in this debate i would like to present a text by Cristovam Buarque, a genius on political and humanistic matters of my country. I don't want this to be a debate over environment, but on all global commons we perceive today.


So, how should we preserve global relevant resources?


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  • Jul 1 2011: A lot of what is being said makes sense. Informative, but the means to the end will always be up for critique.
    People have been driven by greed but greed hasnt always been seen as a negative quality, infact its driven humanity to achieve more since as long as one can remember. But has the greed reached its peak point. Probably. But thats not for us to decide.
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      Jul 1 2011: I totally agree with you, but i think that people will still be selfish, but now they can't compete with the environment. Nobody wants to see the end of the planet, and that's a very heavy weight on the wheels of change.

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