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How should we preserve global relevant resources?

That we need to take of our environment is no big news. The planet is changing, and we are going to suffer the consequences. Although this is a rather homogeneous view, the valuation of different problems and global commons is rather heterogeneous. And this is where i want to point this discussion to. Whether is the internationalization of global commons a pure, erga omnes, humanistic view or simply a rhetoric mechanism in defense of interests.

To shed some light in this debate i would like to present a text by Cristovam Buarque, a genius on political and humanistic matters of my country. I don't want this to be a debate over environment, but on all global commons we perceive today.


So, how should we preserve global relevant resources?


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    Jun 23 2011: Mario I am a bit confused by Cristovam Buarque, most likely due to translation. I feel like what is missing from this thread is the inequality between nations. Brazil seems to be moving in the right direction economically which will give it leverage when it come to foreign nations coming in pillage resources. Combined with education about the importance of the forrest is crucial to the political change we need.
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      Jun 23 2011: The message he was trying to pass is that there are two measures for similar issues. When it comes about Amazonia, the argument is that it should be possession of the world, when the issue is about nuclear weapons or oil resources (which can have a greater impact on environment) the response different, this shouldn't be internationalized. The point is, if Amazonia should, why these others issues shouldn't? If nuclear weapons aren't to be internationalized, never should Amazonia be too.

      You touched the point of education (which is very interesting as Cristovam is one of the great advocates of Education on Brazil, and will probably occupy a seat at UNESCO one day). I think that for all problems on the world there should have and education arm, changing the way people think about the matter. This is the solution for environment, at Brazil and the world. We should protect the rainforest, that is for sure too, and education is vital for this.
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        Jun 23 2011: Thanks for the explanation. I think of the word internationalize as a word with a more corporate meaning which is something different. I'm glad he is working with educating people. The best way to change a culture is to change the youth.

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