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Why the evolution of Beards?

What are the possible theories on the evolution of beards? Its significance to beauty may be culturally biased as some cultures have revered it, others find them primitive.

It must have had some significant advantage as it consistently appears in most populations of our species and our closest evolutionary links don't have mustaches or full facial hair. Why did we select for it or did it add any advantage? Does advertising or film have anything to do with why we don't prefer facial hair anymore?

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    Jun 23 2011: They were great scouring pads for pots back in the cowboy days... Scrub a dub, dub..
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    Jun 22 2011: Well it's hormonal impact biologically speaking......... species which have male and female versions usually have different kind of physiological, anatomical & bio-chemical differences between sexes of the same species....

    How come you ignore species of other primates having facial hair in male, even male goats (not being primate) have that.

    Hope more questions will not come about differences between other organs of male and female :)
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    Jun 23 2011: However significant, It must offer more of an advantage than sex distinction. Human dimorphism is quite easily distinguishable even without a beard. And I am not sure if all women find that a beard adds to a man's sexuality quotient.

    A mustache was quite popular and sexy before the 70's or 80's but now its tilted the other way. There must be some root causality to such trends?
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    Jun 22 2011: But seriously,

    I think that facial hair is useful for quick distinction amongst a crowd.
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    Jun 22 2011: Well, I think a small mustache and beard are marks of manhood. My husband has both and I think he looks great. To me a sign of virility. As for women that is some kind of natural mistake.
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    Jun 22 2011: What I don't understand is why some women have them... and why should I have to buy tickets to see it?