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Maybe the question is, why do traffic jams and congestion occur in the first place.

If a problem exists around traffic jams and the grid locks that create more pollution, higher fuel usage, loss of workplace productivity, pressure on infrastructure etc, then we should also be tackling the issues of why people are travelling in the first place and start the problem solving at this point. After all today there would be thousands, maybe millions of people around the world who work from home and don’t contribute to the problem of traffic jams and the associated issues from this. The technology to keep people closer to their homes exists and performs well today! Why does the majority of the workforce start at the same time each day, if we could stagger this it would have positive impact. Its possibly a mindset that we need to change, that where we work and play doesn’t always mean travelling to a city or similar.


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  • Jun 22 2011: Travelling cannot be stopped as it is the need of the hour, every day. Roads are meant for that. What is required is to modify roads in such a way that there are lesser signals more diversions to decongest the traffic.

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