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What if we came to the realization that as species we are de-evolving and entropy is taking place?

There is a Star trek episode call Errand of Mercy where in the federation and the Klingon assume they are dealing with an arrested culture but in fact they far beyond their intelligence . I think this is a great message.

We assume we are smarter than our forefathers because we live longer and have more things, but what do we really have?

Yes, it was allot rougher and so on, but with that we evolve.


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  • Feb 18 2011: I don't think the two are exclusive. We may be growing and evolving yet still feed the increasing magnitude of chaos.

    That said, our most important figures may be more intelligent, advanced and mindful than the best minds of our ancestors. On the same token our most ignorant, frozen-thinking, backwards dredges may defile the basic human morale of the lowest of our ancestors.

    Entropy at Work.
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      Feb 19 2011: "advanced, mindful" is in the culture of the beholder.

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