Scott Whitaker

Director, Map Consultancy

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Governments should sponser educational programs for businesses to learn how to be sustainable, environmentally, socially and financially.

Much of my research throughout University and within business has lead me to believe that many organisations do not act sustainably simply because they do not know how. The basic skills are lacking because businesses, especially SME's do not have the knowledge set to develop sustainable business models. Should governments look to develop educational support programs for businesses to gain these skill sets and offer incentives such as tax breaks and acceditation for those businesses that attend and can show that they have implemented what they have learnt? This would not only encourage a much wider buy in of SME's in sustainable action but would also go further by helping to develop a business culture of sustainability.

  • Jun 28 2011: That does make sense. Atleast a lot of responsive business houses , if they know the means to adopt sustainable practices would be quite willing to take it up once educated