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What is your definition of intelligence?

Intelligence is complex, and I believe we all have various conceptions of it. Please share your definition of intelligence. Not the one you think most people would agree, but the one that you truly believe. Thank you.

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    Jun 25 2011: Farrukh, academic intelligence is incomplete without moral or cultural intelligence. http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower
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    Jun 23 2011: how about this?: intelligence is the ability to predict the future
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        Jun 25 2011: but take for example a certain individual with hands on the "nuke" button. let's call him w. such persons can influence the future pretty much, but that does not tell much about his intelligence, does it?

        however, consciously influencing the future needs an understanding of the effects of our actions.
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    Jun 23 2011: I agree with Birdia: the highest expressions of intelligence may perhaps be found in the production of purely "useless" things, such as art, poetry, mathematics, music, humor...

    These are capacities which make our intelligence distinctly different from those of other highly evolved animals.

    The word "genius" applies mostly to people who have produced utterly nonsensical sense.

    But then, I wouldn't put too much importance on human intelligence. Our primary roles are biological: to procreate and to die. If we can have some fun in between, and produce something intelligent, the better for us. But it's not a requirement.
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    Jun 21 2011: Intelligence is the useful application of knowledge towards a goal.
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    Jul 10 2011: I think it starts with information. Knowledge is understanding the connections between different categorized, stored packets of information and intelligence is manipulating knowledge to solve a problem or reach a goal.
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    Jul 1 2011: The definition of intelligence .......... an intelligent guy is the one who recognize that is a fool.
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    Jun 24 2011: Intelligence, as tested by IQ-tests to me seems to be mostly convergent thinking.
    The abillety to choose the fittest option.
    It could be seen as the counterforce of creativety, wich is in the main divergent thinking.
    The abillety to spot options.
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    Jun 23 2011: A variable between 3 and 18, depending on how the dice roll..
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    Jun 22 2011: Memory(long and short), awareness, problem solving, common sense, ability to focus.