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Charging the battery of a wireless mouse by moving it... Is it possible?

Would it be possible to make a wireless mouse that gets its battery charged by moving it around? The motion we make with it could be turned to energy... Would be possible/feasible? Has some company produced this already?

Or taken further, could typing on a keyboard be a source of energy for your laptop?

This is a bit based on the idea of energy producing by movement like from waves or from sidewalks.


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  • Jun 23 2011: http://volumatrixgroup.com/2011/06/23/forget-solar-power-human-power-is-the-future/

    Here is what I was referring to when I stated that the concept exists. Hope this helps...
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      Jun 24 2011: This is an interesting mechanism using stress or strain cells. It is designed for smaller, remote applications like pacemakers or insulin disposal system but it can definitely be scaled to this device.

      On the other hand there are simpler, more cost effective solutions like a dynamo adapted for this purpose or using inertia as they would be more commercially viable as well. (Shake to Recharge). It requires power in the order of a few milliwatts which I don't think a stress or strain cell can produce.

      The novelty here is clearly the application than the supporting system.

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