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Charging the battery of a wireless mouse by moving it... Is it possible?

Would it be possible to make a wireless mouse that gets its battery charged by moving it around? The motion we make with it could be turned to energy... Would be possible/feasible? Has some company produced this already?

Or taken further, could typing on a keyboard be a source of energy for your laptop?

This is a bit based on the idea of energy producing by movement like from waves or from sidewalks.


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  • Jun 21 2011: The concept exists, i.e generating electricity by movement. I guess Simon is referring the the link I have pasted below.

    To answer your question, yes, it may be possible to generate a mouse that self charges, however, the amount of electricity produced will not be sufficient to charge a laptop. I guess the application would be to extend the battery life rather than replace it completely.

    An excellent idea, i hope this does get implemented.

    Ref: Simon's response:
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      Jun 21 2011: piezoelectric!
      Thanks, thats been driving me mad all day :)

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