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"Humanity Link" Webpage / Personal & Public for every person on Earth.

Here is the idea. A each person on Earth would have a safe webpage where in they would have all their information. Everything, right down to their DNA. Then they would have a public section, where in they could use it like FACEBOOK. But also, in that they would have what I call agents. Agency are gobots that will serves as intelligence agents. They would search out, sift through, and distill information the most relevant informations for their client . They would brief and interact with their clint much like a Prudent of a country... In addition to all I've said, It could serve as a persons individualized classroom. That could operate in private and can also mutate a grow per the clients interest. In would know the clients learning style, what they already know, every thing possible to help the Clint succeed and grow.

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    Feb 18 2011: There are some downsides of this kind of system. Just imagine what will happen if we have this system, and what will be the long term outcomes.
    First off all, what happens to privacy - it just fades away. There can't be a total security on the web, in real sense. Better system always wins, and there is always a better way of doing things. People will keep developing new and better ways of security and vice versa at the same time.
    Second, where goes the natural passion to learn and explore, when there is such function as 'gobot'? Well, what happens to next generations, who will see the world with such things as this, and will see it since the beginning of their lives.
    When it comes to DNA, There is no point in saving DNA information of everyone in a digital form, when DNA information is naturally kept in every cell in human body, and for a very long time.
    After all, I believe that everything has a purpose, therefore technology we have better be used for helping people in a way that will not take 'priceless things' away from people's lives, such as originality, creativity, privacy and independent thinking.
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    Feb 18 2011: Charlie,

    Most of our information is online know. Also, never say never.
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    Feb 18 2011: Hmmm... I like your idea. I'm not quite sure how possible or effective would be at this point in technology the concept of "gobots", particularly because of the network resources that five hundred million gobots would consume. In any case, it's an idea that probably just facebook or Google could produce effectively. And I don't even want to start on the safety issues. But again, it's a very good idea. Actually, I'm sure something at least very similar or better WILL exist in some near future.
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      Feb 18 2011: Franz,

      Safety , is quite the issue. If people don't feel safe, how does that affect human interface with technology? Computers our a mirror of what we give them and if we are giving a distorted or inaccurate portal of ourselves, that is what they model.

      It is also like a neighborhood. If we don't feel safe and thus are constricted, we are not happy using the technology.
  • Feb 18 2011: There is basically no way you could legitimately expect to keep all that information safe. Or at least I don't see a way.
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      Feb 19 2011: The military does?

      Actually , it is quite a problem and it needs to be answered!