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How many wish that Shea Hembrey was their required Art History professor in design school? What would inspire you more? Why?

Exploring what makes a great teacher and artist for upcoming students of design. Learning via credentials or via experience - a complex issue.

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    Jun 20 2011: Well... that's not an easy question. I do like his approach to make art more accessible, but I always feel art has to preserve its own... mystic sphere, something you just can't explain to your grandmother or which you can't relate to heart, head and hand. I admire surrealism, cubism, expressionism, pittura metafisica, dada and contemporary, "post-modern" art, because they all have their unexplainable, seductive values and ideas I can agree or disagree with. I don't understand what's so fascinating about Beuys, but I still respect his impact on contemporary art -- and I don't even want an explanation.

    Shea Hembrey's approach is a wonderful presentation of how you can explore, live and discover art -- but I think I'd be discussing a lot with him if he was my teacher. What is it that inspired you in his talk?