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Everyone worships something. Self, stuff, or supernatural. What's the motivation for someone to arrive at the doorstep of their "god"?

I believe deeply in the existence of Someone bigger than me. While I am intimately familiar with the "calling of God," and subsequently believe that the ones brought into relationship with Him are chosen by Him, my culture loves to argue the point that it's merely a pathetic attempt to make sense of a senseless life; that I only depend on those beliefs because I am too weak to make it on my own.

But you cannot escape the fact that human beings are hardwired to make sense out of the senseless. Therefore we pursue the things that lead us to our goal. Society's gods can be found in self, stuff, or supernatural beliefs. The problem arises in the choosing of those three. You cannot sensibly choose all three. If I am wrong, and there is no God who calls his followers, then what motivates people to make their choice?


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  • Jun 22 2011: "God" is a human concept. I bow to whoever created this concept. I am not sure if it was an individual or a group, whether it was intentional or accidental.
    We are a highly complex, emotionally intelligent species. Consider for one moment a world where we all "know" that there is no power greater than our meager control over our surroundings. That truth would be psychologically devastating for a majority of our population.

    The entire humanity in its current state is unable to ensure its own survival in the event of a minor cosmic event. At a time like this, its always reassuring to "know" there is a greater power looking out for us. I am sure the day we evolve to a level where we are more in control of our existence, we will not see the need for a "God".

    Whether God exists or not, I will wait till I see him / her /it :)

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