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Everyone worships something. Self, stuff, or supernatural. What's the motivation for someone to arrive at the doorstep of their "god"?

I believe deeply in the existence of Someone bigger than me. While I am intimately familiar with the "calling of God," and subsequently believe that the ones brought into relationship with Him are chosen by Him, my culture loves to argue the point that it's merely a pathetic attempt to make sense of a senseless life; that I only depend on those beliefs because I am too weak to make it on my own.

But you cannot escape the fact that human beings are hardwired to make sense out of the senseless. Therefore we pursue the things that lead us to our goal. Society's gods can be found in self, stuff, or supernatural beliefs. The problem arises in the choosing of those three. You cannot sensibly choose all three. If I am wrong, and there is no God who calls his followers, then what motivates people to make their choice?

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    Jun 21 2011: i don't think so. unless you stretch the meaning of "worshiping" so much that it will be no different than "consider most important".
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    Jun 24 2011: I did not say this. I am quoting Timothy O'Leary............"Man is a worshiping animal"
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    Jun 23 2011: A lot has to do with what you intend by the word worship. One usually ascribes some religious meaning to what is being worshiped, which would mean many people do not worship anything. The way you worded the question though implies that you are not interested in this aspect, but rather to ask whether we need to find something more important than we are and devote energy to it. To this question I would say it is a good idea, but it is not necessary. Many people place themselves as their highest/ only priority. Children naturally do this and as and most, but not all develop out of this stage. From what I have seen though there is no way to be happy like this.
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    Jun 22 2011: I don't worship anything.

    If lack of understanding and rejection of truth can count as a form of motivation, then there's my answer.

    Seriously, this god stuff i getting old around here....
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    Jun 22 2011: I'm passionate about certain things, I love certain people, I look up to great role models. There is nothing that I worship however. I hope this isn't going to be one of these threads that becomes a discussion around semantics, I've had about enough of those. Don't want to see the word 'worship' used for anything other than its intended meaning.

    "that I only depend on those beliefs because I am too weak to make it on my own."
    It's good that you're honest about it. I wish more religious people would admit to this. I'm kidding of course.
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      Jun 22 2011: Oh it will happen.... its become a theme for some people on here.
  • Eva M

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    Jun 26 2011: Yes, there is a free will choice each of the individuals are making: are you going to accept the existence of God and live with God and love Him/Her/It?

    Every single person has an intuition of something/someone bigger than oneself, and the inner drive to get to know Her/Him/It, and various feelings about that. We intuit such an endlessly beautiful being, that we get to think “too good to be true”, “to good to be real”. Or maybe “to good to be true to”? God chooses all the people, the question is who is willing to chose God?

    If one REALLY admits God is here and everywhere – omnipresent - how ones own life would need to change to make it compatible with what is godly? Think about that. Surely, it would take a lot of effort to eradicate egotism and embrace love to make it pure for God.

    What would it mean to agree for God to be? It would mean falling in love with God, and marrying Him/Her at the spot. This is how I feel about God, sincerely.

    God is Love. And God needs love to be present. God needs to be loved for God to prove His/Her existence in people’s life. If one lives a life of love, the presence of God is obvious. It is palpable even.

    Love is what makes sense in life. Life is empty without it. You cannot make sense out of the senseless, ultimately. But you can make sense of your life, if you live love.

    The heritage of humanity as the children of God is revealed when one loves others. Take a look and you will see God – in the moments when someone sincerely expresses love and care you will see the beauty that is of God. If people can be so gorgeous, what about the Creator?

    Let’s not buy so easily the notions of God. They may not be accurate. Lets not be satisfied with what is merely the ideas of our minds. The desire of God is the desire for what is real. Pursue God as a lover. How are You, God? Show me Your splendid Self? What Love is? Show me. Guide me. I love You.
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    Jun 24 2011: Having gone through childhood being taught formal religion, and then having grown up and reasoning out that for me personally the formal religion is very inadequate, I have reached some conclusions, which I think are pretty reasonable.

    I adopt the stance of the mystic and rational philosophy traditions (both East and West). These traditions cut asunder all the humanistic, societal obligations that characterize formal religion, and attempt to find an "essential" explanation. A typical "essential" explanation is to see an eternality, constancy in the totality. This is somewhat similar to the conservation laws of physics, but taken beyond the distinction between physical world, and some apparent non-physical entities, e.g., mind, consciousness, etc
  • Jun 22 2011: "God" is a human concept. I bow to whoever created this concept. I am not sure if it was an individual or a group, whether it was intentional or accidental.
    We are a highly complex, emotionally intelligent species. Consider for one moment a world where we all "know" that there is no power greater than our meager control over our surroundings. That truth would be psychologically devastating for a majority of our population.

    The entire humanity in its current state is unable to ensure its own survival in the event of a minor cosmic event. At a time like this, its always reassuring to "know" there is a greater power looking out for us. I am sure the day we evolve to a level where we are more in control of our existence, we will not see the need for a "God".

    Whether God exists or not, I will wait till I see him / her /it :)
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    Jun 21 2011: I guess no one would say what he/she is pursuing is not truth.and i believe not to make sense out of the senseless is also a way to make sense of it.we responde to the world anyway.
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    Jun 20 2011: You are touching a lot of subjects at once Scott,

    - Being hardwired for something, does not mean that the wire-ing is correct. (As we see illusions, even though we know they are illusions)
    - Imagining a God and praying to him/her/it, being honest against it, feeling comfort and love from it,... they are all very interesting meditations to do (in my opinion), but that does not mean it is true (the experience is true, wether it is real, is another question)

    - We do indeed pursue things. be it truth, beauty, goodness or some other ideal. It might be seen as a goal. I see it as a path.
    It is indeed difficult to walk different paths all at once.

    Following the path of (what you call) God makes you a follower. It has a lot of appeals and (probably) some hard wiring that can lead us to wanting to follow that path. (There are a lot of ways to follow God, depending on your image of it)

    On motivations:
    From all possible motivators (a human can have), only a limited set comes from the worldview one holds, I assume that not having any motivators from it can allow you to live a nice life (without a chosen path).