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How do you foster a culture of creativity and innovation?

How can creativity be encouraged as a regular and reliable part of everyday life? If you are running a company or an organisation or a school, how do you make creativity systematic and routine? How do you lead a culture of innovation?


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    Jun 20 2011: I almost think that creativity is very much like those playbooks we used to play with as children, where you get a bunch of dots and you connect them to draw a figure. Being creative is just connecting the dots across different realms of expertise you have, and so I think it should always be encouraged to never narrow down your area of expertise and never become a specialist in one area. I also think that people should be encouraged to solve problems their own way, people solve problems at different rates, a problem can use different aspects of logic, visual, mathematical amongst other things, everyone being different will approach these aspect differently at different rates, it always seems very irrational to say to someone "no, the correct way/ proper form should be like this"...This all may seem logical but I feel these are pillars to build up from...Im interested in seeing what others have to say :)

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