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Why is this a good week for you? What made your eyes shine?

Today is the start of the global celebration of the good And that made me wonder why this week is good for you. What experience put a smile of your face? Why do you sink in your couch this evening exhale, relax and tell your partner with a big grin on your face that "Boy, this was an amazing day!!!"?
The second smile was put on my face this morning when I opened my email account this morning and found a heartwarming answer from a store owner where I had recently ordered some wool for my knitting online and who made me smile a couple of days ago when I opened the package which was carefully and beauifully wrapped and held some sweet extras and whom I had sent a mail to thank her for that.
Who or what brought joy to you? What made you smile? What made your eyes shine? What did you love? Why is this a good week or a good day?

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    Jun 25 2011: Anja, I feel alive constantly realizing that we have the power to transform our world into a better tomorrow, that we can ignite ourselves and others the power of hearts and minds to love more or inspire more, to be loved truly or learning new things, it never ceases to amaze me. I can find relevance and meaning in all things and I feel like I have the power to make things right in one snap. If only I could.

    But of course reality comes knocking down every so often so it got me thinking too - how do we keep feeling alive when a crisis or a tragedy is around us? Or in this moments when our global home is facing many risks and many of our fellow human beings are suffering? Then I turn to these elements of joy and liveness that we are all expressing, knowing that the essence of our hope is deeply grounded in love and trust. Knowing that we can make the principles of freedom, justice and truth to make things right.

    Freedom to continually enjoy life while working to better our world!

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