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What would make you step out of your comfort zone?

I'm interested to hear from people who work in an office, any type. I'm moving into the outdoor recreation industry and eventually want to create a business which gives people an opportunity to have an experince they can't get in the office. Change their perspective on life and break away some of those mental strings which are holding them back by pushing their boundries and helping them acheive challenges they would never have thought possible. A sort of confidence building adventure.
What I'd like to know is, would you be intersted in something like this and what would get you involved? Or if you know someone who needs this kind of experience, how could I reach them?

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    Feb 20 2011: You can be pushed to leave your comfort zone by being laid off, for example. That should provide you with a wider scope of reality, although one may try to look for something to restore that comfort zone instead of looking for a better, new one. Being critical with one's points of view also helps. If your thoughts are in a continuous crisis you should be able to move from your comfort zone or, rather, make it wider.
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      Feb 26 2011: Perhaps I could go with the angle that this is 'An opportunity to look at your career from a distraction free environment'. Give people a chance to detach themselves from every piece of technology and stress to discover why they've become so stuck. I think that might be tough though, telling someone that they're in a rut will be confronting. I have to make them realise it on their own, make it their idea. Not easy.
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    Feb 19 2011: Conviction that there is higher truth, which probably could yield higher comfort, for the comfort we had is threatened with the mere acknowledging that this is/was a comfort zone, and we know those vanish in thin air. We actually go looking for stable ones.
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      Feb 26 2011: So are you saying that me trying to give someone the chance to step out of their comfort zone is going to make most people uneasy? Unless I can give them some sort of proof that doing this will lead them into a higher place. I've found that most corporate 'team building' is something that is forced upon their workers. I need a way to get these people to be motivated enough to Want to do it.
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        Mar 3 2011: People resolve in patterns and analogies. When a fresh view is introduced to them, they are going to verify its potential and advantages it can deliver to them by matching the fundamental working and output mechanism of the new view, to ones they have experienced first handedly. They rather will welcome new view hoping it answers questions which weren't answered in the past, but this also implies that old values haven't vanished but requiring correction. Even if one intends to motivate someone for whatever purpose, one has to understand subject's perspective before a perspective can be doctored or whole exercise could go haywire in the absence of a common platform. This also implies that for well guarded concerns, whatever they may be, however wrong those might be, one has to build an tunnel through other's convictions, test through their personal hells and heavens, deliver value system higher than their's yet one similar to theirs.

        and Steven, as you said, when they realize any idea as "their own", I will agree that it must be. All puritarians and utilitarians are welcome to add to it. Resistance one might face is high filter, or quality control. The value system they have known and earned is ages old, it takes huge and prolonged efforts even to intrude.
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    Mar 17 2011: There has to be a reward that I value. I guess that could include a new experience, a hope of really helping someone, a chance for personal growth, - and a good chance of success.
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    Feb 18 2011: TED