Anil Rajvanshi

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Cellular basis of Yoga exercises

Yogic exercises are normally done to tone the body and the nervous system.
Yogic exercises come under Hath Yoga system which is one of the eight limbs of “Ashtang Yoga” as enunciated in Patanjali Yoga sutras. Hath Yogis have believed that the body toning is a result of nerve stretching. This belief may have scientific basis.

Recently scientists have discovered that cells in human body change depending on how they are stretched. They have shown that if you pull a stem cell in one way it starts developing into a brain cell; stretch it in other ways and a muscle or a bone cell results ! And the most far reaching consequence of this
stretching is for cancer cells. Change their mechanical stress and they start
behaving like normal cells!

The Yogic exercises of stretching the nerves and toning the nervous system that ultimately affect the cells mechanically can therefore affect the body in a very positive way at the cellular level. This idea is being put on TED for further debate and discussion.