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[Spanish/English] Movimiento 15M/ Spanish revolution

¿Son los partidos políticos un obstáculo a la democracia? ¿Es la Democracia Real Ya otra forma de dictadura? ¿Hay alternativas?¿Cómo se pueden sustituir los instereses económicos por los valores? ¿Se puede conseguir un equilibrio? ¿Hacia donde nos lleva el cambio? ¿Están los medios de comunicación manipulando la dirección del movimiento? ¿Se han dejado de lado las respuestas conspirativas?¿Es posible salir de la crisis sin que salgan perjudicados los mismos de siempre?

Are political parties an obstacle to democracy? Is "Real Democracy Now" another form of dictatorship? Are there any alternatives? How can economic interests be substituted for values? Can balance be attainable? Where is the change leading us? Is the media manipulating the direccion of the movement? Have the conspiracy answers been left aside? Is it possible to overcome the crisis without causing harm to the people who always end up being harmed?


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    Jun 22 2011: I think what happened in Spain, in particular Barcelona ;) is a great thing. Not for agreeing or disagreeing with the movement. I personally think that it lacked a real campaign and was unprepared for the massive response it got. Plus the presence of some other groups that didn't really have anything to do with the movement gave an excuse to the police forces to charge repeatedly on the "wrong" crowd and had no problem pulling the batons and inflict beatings to calm their nerves.

    What I liked about it is simple: it shows the so-called leaders that the "cockroaches" who are given the "right" to vote as a diluted illusion of democracy are getting really tired. More and more people are opening their eyes on what we refer to as a modern society and clearly see the fraud in it. At some point I had hopes that it would spread to other main cities across Europe, which it did but again it diluted pretty fast.

    In these days, can we really hope for a 'Pacific' revolution? or should we skip the pacifism? Totalitarian Capitalism isn't pacific and neither is the way we are running our "globalization". I am for a one humanitarian world , but I am against what we are doing now. This isn't unity, this is a global, multilevel slavery.
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      Jun 22 2011: I'm just confused about what is really behind the movement itself. It's not meant to have anything to do with politics however it clearly has. People are tired but still, 50% of the population did not vote in the last elections. Previously to the elections I received numerous emails encouraging not to offer a blank vote because it meant giving the vote indirectly to the opposition party. I was so frustrated by that. If everyone simply agreed to offer a blank vote, instead of not voting at all or voting for small parties that, let's be honest, do not have the drive nor force to raise the country back on its feet, then maybe all parties would be forced to rethink their politics. Things would have to change, no matter what.

      I don't know, I'm thinking out loud now.

      I'm against what is being done now too but, where is all this going? Is it the right approach?

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