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Are Educational Institutions responding to the challenges of teaching and learning in the 21st Century?

The Digital Age offers all sorts of opportunities for learners ranging from the formal to the informal, from the Web to the classroom and the studio. Why do educational institutions continue to rely on traditional models of learning? Why have schedules, disciplines and departments remained the same as in the 20th Century? Why has the architecture of schools changed so little? How have learners changed?


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    Feb 27 2011: I have been reading through the various threads and one point that doesn't seem to be mentioned in them... these kids... from infancy, are more tech savvy than their already savvy parents (not to mention grandparents)... and I qualify in both categories as a bubbe of a 4 yr old who puts me to shame on the i-phone and mom of a 10 yr old who has been on facebook for at least a year...
    I don't know if the teachers are at their level yet... though I have to admit... most of my miserable educational experience has been in Israel ... while here in Canada (for the year) I am amazed at the level and depth of study and teacher insights...
    I simply wonder if work in a sweat shop is so different from some of the institutions of learning I have seen... LOL
    Children definitely need the structure of a school in order to learn the basics... there is as yet no substitue for language skills... in every field... in order to reach your potential... (though I am family with a few auto-didact dyslexics who could knock your socks off)... but why can't learning be more fun? see you at TED... have to pack...

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