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At the highest level of every organization a matrix should be developed to track the company's success in achieving its mission statement.

All companies develop a noble mission statement, most of the times they are abstract and intangible. Many times actions in the field contradict the mission statement under the premise "It's Business".

If senior executive management and BODs track how the company is doing in terms of achieving its mission statement, it will provide for a much better, sustainable long-term success of the organization and its stakeholders!

  • Jul 11 2011: better that individuals in the company have a realistic personal mission statement in their job description, which cannot be contradicted by their actions on a day to day level.
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    Jun 20 2011: I think thats a great Idea, not only will it put the spotlight on the company and its measure of success against its own meter but for publicity reasons the mission statement must will almost certainly have to have positive ethical grounds. Kind of playing XO the game and ultimately losing because you all the loop holes have been filled. :)