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Creationism. Why? and thoughts..

Increasingly we have evidence to favor evolution over creationism, which tells us the world is around 4.5 Billion years old.

In certain education systems in the UK and America they are teaching that the earth is around 10'000 years old. Typically this is because of religious funding in these schools.Surely this is a dangerous thing to teach in a Science class without any evidence?


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    Jun 24 2011: I'm a student and I wasn't taught creationism at my public school. I'm shock to hear that others still do though. Maybe they teach that in religion class if students go to a religious school that requires them to take religion? Hopefully, it's not taught in science class till this day!
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      Jun 24 2011: Do you get taught about evolution though. The thing I worry about is that evoution isn't covered well enough and yet it underpins all of modern biology. "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution" -Dobzhansky
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        Jun 24 2011: Yes, I was taught about evolution. I took biology and the whole course centered itself on the understanding of evolution. I don;t know about how well i was taught considering public high schools in American aren't that organize in their teachings.

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