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Creationism. Why? and thoughts..

Increasingly we have evidence to favor evolution over creationism, which tells us the world is around 4.5 Billion years old.

In certain education systems in the UK and America they are teaching that the earth is around 10'000 years old. Typically this is because of religious funding in these schools.Surely this is a dangerous thing to teach in a Science class without any evidence?


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  • Jun 20 2011: Creationism... Why not? If those education institutions are privately held/funded, they can teach that the world is flat for all I care.

    People should have the freedom to choose to be ignorant. However people should not be free from the consequences of ignorance.

    In the end, I think that is all that Creationism is, a choice to believe and value one idea or belief system over another. Trying to rationalize faith tends to only yield a headache.
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      Jun 20 2011: Fine teach creationism, flat earthism, what ever, but you can't label it as science. Be up front and say it is a belief that has no empirical evidence. Let children decide for themselves whether they want to adopt the belief, but at the very least it is highly unethical to teach children information that is not science as science.
      • Jun 22 2011: I would never label creationism as science but more as a happy simplistic fantasy.

        I would not necessarily let children decide outright as happy fantasies are more agreeable than cold hard fact to the mind of a child.

        Thus I leave it to the parent knowing full well that some will teach creationism as fact. I will not dictate how parents choose to educate their children.
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      • Jun 22 2011: I agree.

        Certain professions will also require educations rooted in fact dooming creationist educational institutions to the fringes of academia.
      • Jun 23 2011: Hi Jim. You are right of course, maximised diversity is a safety valve put in by nature. Might I add, it also serves the intelligent life with the food of intelligence; stimulation.
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      Jun 24 2011: Bob.
      I sort of agree with you, but not quite. By teaching something you are if not endorsing it but giving it credibility. You can't start a class by saying what you are about to say is fantasy without alienating students. I have no problems with the story of Genesis being taught in schools as philosophy or literature because as such I think it has much to offer. You can easily read it as an allegory about how human consciousness formed around abstract language that was only possible after learning how to write. When teaching such a class historical ideas about writing should be exposed to children. Who wrote Genesis, what were the purpose of it. The writers were not scientist nor were they trying to be. This should not be taught as science for stupid people but a cultural mistranslation

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