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Do you think money is worth pursuing?

Obviously, money is very beneficial and provides us with a stable life, but do you think pursuing money beyond what we need of it to survive (ie, food, clothing, shelter) is worth it? Is money even necessary?

Perhaps even, what do you think of money in general? Some, for example, would say "It is the root of all evil" whilst others claim the more you have, the happier you are.

Anyways, I'll leave it open to conversation. What are your thoughts?

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    Jun 20 2011: The answer to this is universally simple because it's answer is another question; What do you want in life?

    If I want to live in suburbia and compete with my american neighbor(Bob) in american culture then I need a lot of money; Bob gets a barbecue, I have to get a bigger barbecue! Bob gets a truck, I have to get a better truck to be happy! Bob gets a space shuttle... guess what! I won't be happy until I procure my nuclear family with a star destroyer!

    Next; if I want to live downtown and have lots of friends, then I need a lot of money; My friends hang out at the pub down the street and every time we go, which is a few times a week, then I need $50 every weeknight and $300 on the weekend (based on personal experience)...that's $400 to $550 every week just to maintain my social circle!

    Next; if I want to meditate on a mountain top. I need; warm clothing. Water and food. I need almost nothing!

    The real question here is where do you draw the line; where is the balance between happy and rich? At one point have you pursued money enough that you can acquire the things that make your life not miserable, versus the point at which you are a slave to your industry because you psychologically cannot fathom giving up the opportunity to fatten your bank account. It's a very personal question.

    In conclusion, go to India and ask a street-dweller Is it worth pursuing money? and you will get the opposite answer that you would get from a high-ranking business owner. Simply because they have found happiness in different niches of community.
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    Jun 20 2011: Javier, money is not the most important thing like Tiago, Krisztian and many people say. What I think is the most important is this great adventure we call life.
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    Jun 19 2011: As human we have others necessities beyond the need to survive. We need not only to live but to live in comfort. That is nothing wrong with money when you use it as a tool to archive your goals, but when money become your ultimate goal that is a problem
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    Jun 19 2011: you can imagine your life with nothing but food, clothing, shelter and things that are free? well, go on then, but i need a lot more stuff.