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Heart or brain?

In most dilemmas , I have found that there are always two sides of the story.Its either your brain tells you this or your heart tells you the other.What would you do? Do you stand by the rules and abandon your conscience or do you do whats right no matter what the rules are? which one would you choose? Do share with me your thoughts and thank you.

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    Jun 19 2011: It's complicated but generally speaking I would listen to myself. Simply because my brain, heart, soul, all are part of me. So by listening to myself I would choose all of them, both brain and heart.
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    Jun 19 2011: Unfortunately for me, when it comes to love, I have more so listened to my heart rather than to my brain. BUT I realize now that I needed to listen to both (along with my intuition) as thinking that "love is blind" does not turn out well for me.