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Another Groundshifting Opportunity - Can we make Education free?

With significant amount of distilled knowledge base already available across the world in easy to access formats, plus the growing population which is either unemployed or possess a volunteering mindset, if we create an online mechanism where children across the world learn for free - will this not reduce drop out rates, bridge knowledge gap and help the poor look to a better future?


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  • Jul 11 2011: In regards to university level education, I personally find it incredibly frustrating how expensive education is. Learning on your own and challenging the exams is usually the same cost as taking the course. I can not afford university however if I were to learn on my own, unfortunately where I live a degree is expected and thus I would not have a very good chance competing against those with degrees. I wish there was a respected online university that charged you for the time it took for marking your assignments/exams only, I bet I could afford that.
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      Jul 11 2011: My last course at a Univirsity, I had to pay for the course and then sit in class and learn the material on my own. Where's the lecture? Where's the reinforcing? LIberal schools dont seem to make very good use of logical thinking.

      On challenging the course, if they reccomend you buy a certain book, you can bet you will not be able to challenge the course if you did not learn out of that particular book.

      Math for instance, should be a course taught, reinforced by any book that teaches math. The course Challenge should be on Math, and not on that particular book.

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