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Another Groundshifting Opportunity - Can we make Education free?

With significant amount of distilled knowledge base already available across the world in easy to access formats, plus the growing population which is either unemployed or possess a volunteering mindset, if we create an online mechanism where children across the world learn for free - will this not reduce drop out rates, bridge knowledge gap and help the poor look to a better future?


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    Jun 19 2011: I think it would be a fantastic idea and would, like you said help the poor to look for a better future. However, the reality is that not only getting computers, the poor would also need to have the net available to them which could be a problem for most do not even have electicity or electricity that isn't reliable. But besides this, I think some governments would not welcome it at all. There are many out there who don't want its people to beducated, for then they would begin to "think" and that would lead to rebellion. So how would these problems be solved?

    So a great idea YES....and could it work? YES.... but maybe not as you would like to envision it. However, if you do get this going, you can count of me to help as I am retiring next year and don't quite know yet where my next path will lead!
    • Jun 25 2011: Its a Noble Idea!!!!
      I agree with Linda: the "poor" in developing countries do not have access to even the basic necessities of life, for them,computers and internet are nothing more than a fiction.Go to the interiors of rural world you will see the world so different than our "perceptions" and "maps" change. To educate the poor one has to go the field and work with the conventional methods before graduating to use of innovations in technology.
      Presently, this idea is noble and great but ahead of its time.
      Good luck with the idea,its ideas which transformed the world.
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        Jun 25 2011: thank you. i am sure this idea will come true one day, and when it does it WILL transform this whole civilization. And i don't think it is ahead of time. The time is just right - look at the whole world situation now. The hardest hit are the poor of the poor. And without even the basic education, they are left to suffer silently by the educated mass - all of us who fortunately had access to some form of education. Like someone said, 'Education is a fundamental right. Educating is noble. Only the educated are free!' Let's work towards making education free.

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