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Another Groundshifting Opportunity - Can we make Education free?

With significant amount of distilled knowledge base already available across the world in easy to access formats, plus the growing population which is either unemployed or possess a volunteering mindset, if we create an online mechanism where children across the world learn for free - will this not reduce drop out rates, bridge knowledge gap and help the poor look to a better future?


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    Jun 22 2011: Education is based on two misunderstanding:
    -scarcity of the expert ; was true 5000 years ago , is NOT true today
    what is scarce is not know how , but teaching/coaching methodology
    -need of discipline , in terms of restricting people into space and time , to "force" them to learn.
    ANother false assumption today
    Both assumption are self-replicated by human ego and illusion of conquering the mind of childrens , before they
    get in control : the foundation of both Islamic , and Christian method. and all of the "religion" of the world.
    Today , with NO scarce know-how , no need to restrict space and time , and technology ubiquity we can design a NEW education , or , better , learning process , through which knowledge should be offered , for free , to everybody that , voluntarely want to acces it.!! This will boost learning productivity , create some inequality ,
    BUT , if we will make concepts of LEARNING METHODS (NOT TEACHING !!!!!) available to everybody , this will change the landscape.
    The new Mozart of this world will always bubble up .
    And the Einstein of this world will mature , later , (ALbert was graded insufficient in math , when he was young..)
    Learning is a step function , not linear , and the illusion of the school system is false , and dangerous , in fact it ruin the life of thousands..
    The re-design effort is humongous , and will probably take centuries........ or months
    We should follow the web model. Millions of part time learner supporter , can do better than few professors.
    GO and visit the Masie Center web-site.
    and Good luck.
    Dott. Prof. Alberto Bazzan

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