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Another Groundshifting Opportunity - Can we make Education free?

With significant amount of distilled knowledge base already available across the world in easy to access formats, plus the growing population which is either unemployed or possess a volunteering mindset, if we create an online mechanism where children across the world learn for free - will this not reduce drop out rates, bridge knowledge gap and help the poor look to a better future?


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    Jun 18 2011: Education is already practically free and has been for a long time if one has the will. Consider that Abraham Lincoln had less than two years of formal education. We run into problems when my or my children's education becomes somebody else's problem rather than mine, and we value expensive degrees and paper more than thought and accomplishment.

    Assuming you have rudimentary skills like reading, which one should be able to learn from parents, I think this is as a fine a jumping off point for an education as any:
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      Jun 19 2011: Agree with you Mark, and the world now is actually moving toward free education, but we should seek for a better mechanism & indeed a more effort is needed to achieve Venkatakrishnan's wonderfull Idea.
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      Jun 19 2011: Mark, funny (but not the ha ha kind!) that you mentioned Emerson and his Self-Reliance as a jumping off point, as when my students critiqued my class last year, many suggested that I begin with this and not wait until I hit the Transcendental Era. They not only felt empowered by his words, but they also felt closer to their peers as I had set up the room in an inmate semi-circle with desks close together and chairs snugged up to them so they could share desk space with me in the middle, and it became one of those bonding moments you do not easily forget. So next year I will take their advice and begin our journey together with this work.

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