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TED Translator Certificate for the volunteer translators. Our CV would love it.

I think it will be great if each volunteer translator is given a certificate mentioning that he/she is a volunteer translator for TED. At least in digital format (we can print them). A volunteering certificate would look good in our CV. Now, I do not know how good it will make to the thousands of people in here, but to some it will and, anyway, it can't make any harm. Add a button in our profile saying "Request a translator certificate", queue it and create it. Or do it your way, manually or automatically, it does not matter.
I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!

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    Jun 19 2011: I already mention TEDtalks Translations on my CV. There's always the risk that if you incentivise TED translations, the number of translations of poor quality will increase as people will start doing it only to make their CVs look better.
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    Jun 20 2011: As this is a volanteer work, we all willing to do it as our pleasure, as hobby, or to improve skills such as translation, listening, reading etc. TED bandages are a very good compliment from TED to all contributors and I do really pround of it. Certificate is just a bit extra which I hope to see it's happened. It's certainly, I believe, become very handy to so many people here. It's not only show that TED translator have some translation skill, but also it will show that these people are, in certain level, interested in volanteer work.

    I know that the employer can come to TED website and check for quality of our traslation/review works. However, certificate will be first thing to grab employers' attention. Please bare in mind that there are still lots of people out there who haven't heard of TED. This will also benefit TED itself to be introduced to new groups of people.

    My suggestion is certificate can be download upon request. It can be very simple which contains translator's name, number of works that have been reviewed, number of translated work, TED cradit and other bandages, and with a little description of what TED is. And since this certificate doesn't approve the quality of tranlsation works, there may be a bit suggestion that the employers are encouraged to visit TED website.

    I'm sure other people will have more interesting idea. Please share :D
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    Jun 19 2011: A voluntary work means something done willingly and without constraint or expectation of reward.I completely agree with Matthieu Miossec if that will be the case eventually people will start it doing only for their CVs . We can mention it in our CV and for prove we can show them our translated TED talk which will actually demonstrate our work in better way.

    I Just completed translation of TED Talk Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes and at the end there was one very good line "sometimes a small advantage someplace in life can yield tremendous results someplace else" So lets keep doing good work and one day it will definitely yield some tremendous results someplace in life :-)

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    Jun 18 2011: I think it is a good idea. Maybe the mentality of employers in western Europe is different, but in Poland we have a saying that now people in 90% are composed of paper. I think it would be helpful for many young people to have a sheet of paper saying that they have done some voluntary work translating the TED Talks. I imagine it wouldn't be very hard to write a code that would automatically generate a pdf certificate with a name and a number of translations this person has done.
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    Jun 18 2011: Hello Petre,

    I think you already have it. It's the badge on your profile. I don't see why you wouldn't mention it as such on your cv.

    Hope you continue to enjoy translating for TED,

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    Jun 19 2011: Matthieu, this is just a flaw, it can be managed. They can do two things in order to avoid this situation:
    - the reviewers should have the ability to rate the translator's work (if the translation was bad, it wouldn't be taken into consideration)
    - set a minimum translations required before getting that certificate
    And maybe there are other ways. I want to say that I mentioned TED Translator on my CV, too, but a certificate would be more welcome than a few words written by myself.