Tony Sanchez

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Has our evolution been ravished?

What control do we really have on the daily events that plague our existence?
Have we become spectators instead of participants in society?
Aren't we forced to accept, on a way or another, the decisions constantly made by others?
Doesn't the world belong to each living entities as much as it belongs to those who have laid claim to the honored sobriquet of "leaders"?

  • Jun 20 2011: I think it has been demonstrated clearly enough throughout history that land and property belong to those with the power to hold onto them. We do not have to accept the claims of other people but wishing for people to be equal in status, possessions or power will not make it so.

    We can live in "should land" or chose to live in reality.
  • Jun 18 2011: I think since the beginning of the Internet we see growing participation of individuals in various aspects of our society. is one example where people get together to make a difference. You can find many examples of groups that are forming online (using web sites like to organize themselves so that they can change the world.

    I am very optimistic about this development and I see people having large than ever power through blogs, Facebook and Twitter communication to organize themselves as we see in the Middle East and elsewhere?