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A Democratic Charitable Trust is an online democracy where members vote on the dreams of others, a dream machine.

Democratic Charitable Trust (DCT) - On online democracy open to the world. Members join by donating to a trust account and receive votes for monies donated. It is similar to this ideas web site, where anyone can suggest an idea; however, a DCT is a democracy, the members vote on the ideas. More importantly, a DCT is a charitable trust, so the most popular ideas can be tendered to the public and funded by interest earned on the trusts accounts. It is a vision of a tool that will help us to realize the shared dreams of humanity, empowering all peoples to build a better tomorrow.

It is a democracy; it engages and connects people in an arena that is inclusive. It establishes a permanent relationship with donors, granting them lifetime votes for monies donated. It is a participatory democracy, and it can only help to showcase the value of freedom to developing nations. It is a charitable trust; it is the interest earned that is used to realize people’s dreams; the snowball effect as it rolls through time gives it enormous potential. Finally, it is an ideas web site. I know it’s a variety of the over the top genre, but life is all about the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all of us. These sorts of 'ideas' web sites are a window onto that world, a world of dreamers and dreams. They help to end the silence; they give a voice to our creative and compassionate hearts. Finally, they serve the public interest by promoting the welfare of all peoples, and all life.